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It’s about unity.

“We the people,” means something. It's more than a catchy tagline we've heard since childhood. The first words of our Constitution assume a collective will, that our individual voices each matter to the mutual interests of the country as a whole. Yet, the highly partisan nature and toxic political environment that exists today has soured so many good Americans away from raising their voices. Civic engagement is now at an all-time low.

As a veteran it's embarrassing! This isn’t why we fought and sacrificed. We enlisted to protect the United States, not the Divided States.

There are forces both domestic and foreign that are pitting good, hardworking Americans against each other. They are using politics, the press, and social media in a coordinated effort to sow hate and mistrust. We the people need to fight back against these forces.

My strength in this battle and a big part of why I'm running is my daughter, Mikayla Serenity Price, who was taken from me while I was deployed. Mikayla was named for the Archangel Michael, the protector and peace maker. Her middle name, Serenity is described as the peace amidst the storm. As her name implies, she was a remarkable child with the gift of bringing unity to those around her. Her commanding presence brought people together and I strive to live by her example. To learn more about her click here.



It’s about service.

There is no greater service than ensuring the protection of this incredible democracy. While nothing compares to the sacrifices made by those willing to put it all on the line, service to the flag and Constitution comes in many forms. Deciding to run for local office or waiting hours for the chance to cast a vote, are also ways to fight for the unity of "We the people..." 


At present, the political machine in this country makes these smaller acts of service difficult. As I talk to people in this district, however, it is clear that many of us desire to shed this extremist leadership and their faceless social media denizens. Many people, like myself, are beginning to step up and say, "No more." Despite the hurdles and vitriol, that come with making the decision to serve, we are choosing to take a stand.


It is the least I can do as a warrior who's spent over a quarter of a century dedicated to protecting the American way of life, “the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity…” I believe this country is the beacon of light that illuminates the dreams and ideas that make the whole world a better place. Fulfilling our civic obligations are not only a responsibility but a duty paid to the men and women who have sacrificed for our freedoms.  Many politicians have discouraged participation in our civic duties and it is time to end the reign of those who are trying to silence "We the people..."



It’s about accountability.

"Where is the transparency?" I've heard this question asked again and again. What are our elected officials doing with our tax dollars? Do they really need this money? How do we, the taxpayers, hold them accountable? 


The answers to these questions begin with "We the people..." using our voices, our votes, to elect lawmakers that value transparency and accountability, regardless of the political party the candidate is aligned with. It's the only way for Ohioans to take back control from the politicians who've spent decades using tax dollars however they want to.


There needs to be a reckoning in Columbus. No longer should politicians be able to use our tax dollars in ways that don't directly benefit us. Nor should they be allowed to use drastic measures to distract from their duties or concoct scary slippery slope scenarios to capture a narrative of dire consequence. 

As a member of the military police, I was trained to detect threats to resources and act.  Upholding the tenants and dictates outlined in our state and federal constitutions is no different! I’ve saved millions of dollars of taxpayer dollars already, terminating fraud, waste and abuse schemes against taxpayer resources. I’ve protected assets valued at many times more than our state budget reaching in to the trillions of dollars. Now, I want to do it again, for you, as your state representative.

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