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Things are a mess.

Extremism is trying to destroy our democratic republic. Rather than working towards the "more perfect Union" our Founding Fathers wrote about in our Constitution, there are folks trying to repeat the mistakes of our past. This is what called me to run for State Representative.  

A Different Kind of Democrat


What does that mean?

It means, as a retired member of the military, I’m the only candidate running for district 70 that’s sworn an oath to the Constitution; to support and defend it with my life.

I believe in the power of those words to support every American.  I also believe that the way our Constitution is being abused by those in power is wrong. I didn't fight for this country just to see rights stripped away from citizens. Now, protecting those rights has become a state level battle I'm ready to fight.    

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This is why I'm running. I want to fight for you at the State House.
It is still my duty to protect the rights of my fellow Ohioans.

But, I can't do this alone.


Want to join the fight?
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This will take all of us.
Your support is key.

Every donation gets me one step closer to the State House.

Together we can protect Ohioans' rights.

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